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They make great gifts for Holidays, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries . . . .
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Stationary Foot Stool
Foot Stool
Stationary Top

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*   *   Stressed Out   *   *
A reasonable way to Relax

Storage Foot Stool
Foot Stool

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Unique Gifts:  For the family and friends   *   *

Photographs of wood and fabric products contained on this site
are general representations.

Actual colors and grain patterns may vary.
In the cutting process, prints on fabric may vary.

A reason to buy from Toadstool Design!

*   Discover the ultimate comfort a foot stool can be, for your tired feet   *

Do you have sore feet after a long day at work?

Does your back bother you?

Do your legs ache after a day of shopping?

Do you feel tired after running errands and driving around town?

A foot stool is just what you need to relieve that stress!

Would you like, just to, sit and relax?

Read a good book?

Watch your favorite TV program?

Listen to your much loved radio station?

Even to read the newspaper?

Just sit back and prop your feet up on a foot stool!

We Offer
Foot Stools for children too. . . . . .

We even have a vast array of children's patterns.

A foot stool makes a great seat for children.

Children can use a foot stool to tie or take off their shoes.

They can even store their coloring books and crayons in a foot stool with storage.

The children can play games around the coffee table, using a foot stool to sit down on.

A foot stool makes coloring and playing games more comfortable in the living room.

"MOM" they can sit on a foot stool while you read a story!

And just think "time-out" on a foot stool.

A storage unit is great for the TV guide, remote, a good book, magazines,
even your sewing or knitting supplies.

Toadstool Design_Accent for foot stool information   A foot stool makes a great gift   Toadstool Design_Accent for foot stool information  

We display a limited selection of fabric foot stools on our web site.
We carry a larger selection of fabrics and leather at our shows.
Many are one of a kind.

At a show we also offer a step stool for children,
which is designed with a wooden top.
Makes it easer to wash their hands and brush their teeth in the bathroom.

Click on:  Show Schedule to confirm our next available date, time and location of show.

We also offer a large variety of leg styles and heights at these shows.
You choose what style and height you want.
We assemble your upholstered foot stool while you wait or shop.

Design ~ A ~ Stool

heck us out!

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Copyright a 2000 - Toadstool Design LLC

About     Contact     Schedule     Policy

Site Developed By:  Toadstool Design LLC