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Photographs of wood and fabric products contained on this site
are general representations.

Actual colors and grain patterns may vary.
In the cutting process, prints on fabric may vary.

A reason to buy from Toadstool Design!
Discover the many applications for a lap desk

First and foremost, your laptop computer.

Stationary Desk and Computer

For a laptop computer we recommend a lap desk without storage.
It will set the computer lower on your lap and is more comfortable for typing on the keyboard.
The laptop computer will run cooler on a hard surface, extending the life of battery and components.

A lap desk can be used while paying the bills.

Doing the crossword puzzles or writing that long awaited letter.

Use a lap desk during long commutes.

Homework can be done just about anywhere.

A lap desk makes an excellent gift for a college bound student.

They're great for those long trips, in cars or campers.

Need a place to store things?

Fliptop Storage Desk

Slidetop Storage Desk

Use a lap desk in developing a way, to organize precious time!

A lap desk with storage is nice for storing children's art work and crafts.

Organize your bills, keeping them in one place.

Store stationary, stamps and address book for letter writing.

A lap desk with storage, use it for coupons and paper for the grocery list.

Even the su|do|ku or crossword puzzle can be kept in a lap desk with storage.

Just what you need!

No more trying to write on the arm of the couch,
or bending over to write on the coffee table.
"Just Relax" in a big easy chair or on the sofa.

A lap desk with storage is:
Great for paper and pencils, even that good book your reading.

Do you like to write music?
Lap desk with storage, a great place to store your music lyrics.

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We display a limited selection of lap desks on our web site.
We carry a large selection of fabrics at our shows,
many are one of a kind.

Click on:  Show Schedule to confirm our next available date, time and location of show.

Copyright a 2000 - Toadstool Design LLC

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Site Developed By:  Toadstool Design LLC